Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's In My Drawers? (It must be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This is the rack that sits directly across from my desk with the TV and stereo on it. (Both of which I hardly ever use down there.) The side of the rack has some of the one inch wire grids used to make a display stand zip tied to the side of the rack. I did that because I have a whole box of hooks that fit the wire grids so I decided that it was a good space to hang stuff like all my Fiskars decorative Edgers. You see I used to do a lot of freelance designing for Fiskars and they would send me stuff all the time to make projects with. So I have one of each of their scissors plus who knows how many others from other companies. (I think I counted 88 pairs.)


Anonymous said...


I have scissor envy.

Gloria McAllister
Roanoke, VA

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many scissors in one place!!!! Must be nice to have everything at your fingertips!!! :))

Wendy said...

I just found your blog, I am so happy. Can I borrow a pair of scissors. Crazy!
I love your art dolls as well. Cannot wait to see more.
Wendy from Wonderland