Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's In My Drawers? (It must be Wednesday)

Today I am showing a few other things around the studio other then the inside of my drawers. The studio is a bit of a mess and the table I usually use for photographing is piled pretty high. (Sorry but I just didn't feel like cleaning it off today.)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
I just recently purchased this old typewriter off of Ebay and I just love it. I have wanted one for a while but they are harder to find then you might think. The ones that still work can be pricey because collectors want them. If they don't work then artists want them to take the keys off of. Unfortunately it was jostled a bit in the mailing process and a spring came loose that allows the dang thing to type correctly. So needless to say I was pissed that it didn't work when it said it did on the Ebay description. I found the sprung spring and reconnected it, gave it a good cleaning and oiling and it works super. I love it because I don't have to run upstairs to my computer when I want some small print for an ATC.

I took a photo of this door so that everyone could see where I put some of my hard to store art pieces from swaps. It is really the only wall space in the whole studio so I happily nail stuff to it when I can't put it in a folder. The door leads to the outside creek area but doesn't have a handle so it doesn't open at all unless you got a pair of pliers and a heavy screwdriver. LOL!!!!


Netty said...

What a fab idea, x

the happy gardner said...

I love the porthole door and the idea. I'm going to put up some hooks in my studio right away.

Susan L.