Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Bit Of A Review

An on-line friend of mine has done a new Ebook and she has asked me to do a review of her new project on recycling plastic packaging and soda cans. I know you are saying "what can I do with those 2 things?" That is stuff that most people throw away but they are perfectly good resources for any artist and Syeda Zehra will show you how to make beautiful projects out of what most people consider to be junk. The tutorial or Ebook is not very expensive at all at $9.95 and includes a step by step process of 40 pages. There are plenty of rich and colorful photos to look at and get ideas. With projects to make greeting cards, jewelry, scrapbook pages, embellishments and bookmarks the possibilities are endless. So if you are looking for some beautiful new projects to start, using products you may already have, head on over to her blog and check out her new Ebook.

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.
Bookmarks using packaging plastic

Greeting cards

Jewelry and Embellishments


artydoll said...

Love the pendant and earrings,superb.

Juliet A said...

When I try to emboss packaging plastic, it doesn't seem to take the impression very well. is there a trick to it?

inge said...

Hello Valerie,

thanks for sharing this !

I emboss packaging plastic too, but haven't colored it yet with so much colors !
The earrings are really so wearable !

greetings from Belgium