Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Back!

Yep I'm back and I had a wonderful time even though we had a little bit of a scare with my niece Anna. She had a reaction to a cashew and had to be taken to the hospital late that night. Her parents didn't get back to the cabin until 4am but she was OK and was back to stuffing her face with goodies the next day. I spent a lot of time at the beach with her and her 2 brothers and actually got a little tan. Went to the shooting range and fired my .22 caliber rifle and gathered a bunch of empty casings for more art. Went deer/elk watching in the "Beast" (Our 1988 Jeep) saw 2 deer but no elk. Rob gave the kids a good time by driving up and down some really bumpy hills. (LORDY my kidneys got a good shaking!) We all stuffed our faces at the campfires with plenty of s'mores and went to bed every night exhausted.

Back to making art and catching up on the 4 circle journals I have waiting for me. (I may post some pictures later once I unpack the camera.)


claudia_az said...

welcome back! im so glad you had fun and had sometime off..

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Valerie! Sounds like a marvelous time was shad by all! I am so happy to learn I have fellow woman friend who loves to shoot! :)))