Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ancient Wisdom & Magic Book

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Both of these pages are for a swap going on at my Yahoo group called Ancient Magic & Wisdom book. It's hosted by Ali Brandist and is based on a book she already owns that describes the different types of "magic" in each chapter. Every month we do a new type of magic with the top page being "Aboriginal" magic and the bottom page being "Egyptian" magic.

The Aboriginal magic page is supposed to have opposing forces on the front and back. The front represents the light side and the back represents the dark side of magic. For these images I based them on real aboriginal art and I created my own version which I then hand painted in acrylic paints.

The bottom page for Egyptian magic is supposed to have one of the 114 gods represented and described. For this I chose Anubis since I have always liked the way the god looks. I know the subject matter seems a little morbid since he is the god of the dead but the Egyptians always saw death as simply a passage into another life. For this page I started with some tissue paper that someone sent me and I dulled it down with acrylic paints. I rubbed the edges with Distress ink and glued on the image that I manipulated in Photoshop. The hieroglyph symbols on the bottom are a border punch that I have. I printed the description and added a small scarab charm.


Janet Ghio said...

I love your pages! I wish I had joined the group when this swap started!!

Netty said...

Valerie, these are fab pages, love them. Annette x