Friday, May 28, 2010

A Thank You For Some Friends

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Both of these necklaces I made last week as RAK's/Thanks you's for a couple of friends of mine. Some of the charms were left overs from the charm swap I had on my Yahoo group a while ago but the rest I made myself. Here is the order of the charms and some details of certain ones for each necklace.

Pink Necklace (Starting at the top left and working around.)
All of the charms on this necklace are made by me except charm #17.
1. Jewelry components
2. Metal sewing bobbin, game spinner, metal flowers and brad.
3. Polymer clay face and beads.
4. Scrabble tile, image and matt pink pearls.
5. Puzzle piece, old book page and stickers.
6. "No Coil" safety pin with beads.
7. Wire nest with pearl eggs and hand painted charm.
8. Mini domino colored with alcohol inks and stamped.
9. Lucite letter with charms attached.
10. Handmade Polymer clay bead with beaded dangle
11. Scrapbooking resin tiles glued back to back with beads. (Back of tile says "beautiful.)
12. Stamped polymer clay colored with metallic inks.
13. Buttons wired together.
14. Fibers crimped in a large cord crimp.
15. Printed Shrink plastic with beads.
16. Glass bead with small colored bells.
17. Tim Holtz Fragments charms with image glued to back. (Made by Nancy Allen)
18. Stamped polymer clay colored with mica powder and silver rings.
19. Frosted glass with metallic ribbon under a resin coating.

Teal, Yellow, Orange and Lime Green Necklace
(Starting on the top left and working around)
1. Frosted glas with metallic ribbons under a resin coating.
2. Measuring tape with beads. (Made by Diane Moser)
3. Stamped polymer clay colored with mica powders.
4. Beaded dangle.
5. "No Coil" safety pin with beads.
6. wire nest with pearls eggs and silver "bird" bead.
7. Buttons wired together with beads.
8. Mini domino colored with alcohol inks. (Made by Gina Pettersson)
9. Tim Holtz Fragments charm colored with alcohol ink and backed with old book page.
10. Handmade polymer clay beads with bugle bead dangles. (Made by Lazelle Parker)
11. Handmade polymer clay ice cream bar. (Made by Joann Smith)
12. Beetle wings with the back covered in glitter, rhinestones or micro beads.
13. Clay bird mounted on a clothes pin spring. (Made by Theresa Bennett)
14. Bullet casing with beads and colored with alcohol ink.
15. Scrabble tile with old japanese book page and butterfly image.
16. Stamped Mona Lisa image on the back of a watch face. (Made by C.T. Hawes)
17. Fibers crimped into a large necklace cord crimp.
18. Beaded charm with old necklace parts.
19. Tim Holtz Fragments charm with old book page and stickers. (Made by Nancy Allen)
20. Polymer clay face and beads.
21. Old book page and image on chipboard.
22. Tim Holtz Sprocket Gears and beads.
23. Dragonfly wing beads with bugle bead and rondelle.


Dazie said...

Wow they are stunning!

Janet Ghio said...

These are fabulous necklaces!!

Elaine A said...

Val -

These are just beautiful! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Elaine Allen

Linda Dunn said...

Pure magic

Netty said...

Both of these are brilliant, your friends will be thrilled to own them.

Sue Young said...

wow've outdone yourself again!!!Gorgeous!I love them both,but especially the pinkone!where inthe world do you findthe time,girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!?

XO Sue

Anonymous said...

OMG, Val, these are GORGEOUS!!!
(I'm your friend, right?) LOL!
Stunning, stunning, stunning....

Juliet A said...

These are stunning, and remind me that I never posted the necklace I made with my charms from the swap. Funny, I brought it with me to Key Largo to show it off, but it never made it out of my suitcase.