Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Keys 4 Art

These photos aren't from one specific day but I wanted to share them anyways.

I know that I said in another post that I wished I had taken some pictures of the journals that everyone did. I managed to take at least one that I didn't remember about so here it is. From the left this is Jen, Gina, Marita and Sue. (Except Jen doesn't have her journal.) The bottle of Vodka was from the previous night. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the girls being thrown in the pool at Manny's party that night but Jen, Juliet and Nicole all came back soaking wet.

This is Manny the owner of the Marlin which fed us several times. Manny is the one that is folically challenged. Next to him is Bernie, which is Elena's husband and the ring leader herself Elena.

If I remember right this was on Saturday and this is a plate of ribs that Manny served us up. They are actually Bernie's ribs that he cooks at the Marlin every Saturday morning. Let me tell you.... I am not a rib eater but these were the meatiest ribs I have ever seen and the barbecue sauce that Bernie makes is to die for.

Eileen, Nicole and Marita.

Gina and Jen.

As you can see the ribs were enjoyed by all as was all of the delicious food we ate that week.

That's all for today so be sure and check back tomorrow.

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