Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Keys 4 Art (Day 3)

So the beginning of day 3 started like the previous ones. We all trickled in for breakfast after a late night of chatting and art work. Once everyone was ready we hunkered down to do a class with Eileen on a technique she learned from taking a class with Lynn Perella. We had our background done and dry from yesterday which consisted of taking different textures and adhering them to our rosin paper. Things like tissue paper, textured wallpaper, corrugated cardboard, sting, onion bags, etc. Now we were charged with the task of covering the wonderful texture with colors of paint. Any color anywhere, just keep applying it until you were happy. Once that was done we started applying black and white images of people, birds, music, clocks, etc. When that was dry it was time to play with the water soluble oil pastels. We colored the images using the pastels either wet or dry and could blend them with the water or leave them as is. The resulting layers of the collage could be framed in one entire piece or Eileen showed us how to cut and fold it to make a book. I opted to do the later so you will see mine has a slit in it in the photo below.

Without further ado here is each of individually with our grand works of art.

Jennifer Rogers-Daniels

Jacquie Valdespino

Gina Goodling

Elena Vigil-Farinas

Eillen Bellomo
(New York)

Patty Hogan

Marita Kovalik

Linda Davis

Lillian Mederak

Juliet Arrighi

Valerie Brincheck

Sue Young

Here we all are on the balcony, outside the craft area, with all of our masterpieces.

So that's all for sure and come back tomorrow to see more.


Jana said...

Ooooooh. These are all so wonderful. Looks like a great time.

Janet Ghio said...

Love the photos of all of you with your artwork. The pieces look really great!!

Elaine A said...

Hey Val -

Love your project, just awesome! Wonderful color choices, the textures and images you chose are super! And you really looked like you were having a grand time - what a grin! Actually in the photo Eileen posted (at the restaurant) you were also grinning! So I think it is safe to say you enjoyed yourself - LOL!!

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

Great post...and great pictures! Thanks, Val.

Val Rich said...

Hi Val,
Love your blog, especialy the latest posts. Are you all standing in front of an hibiscus tree? It looks so beautiful, we never see anything like that in anyone's garden in the UK.

Love Val Rich

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fantastic event and I am so jealous that you got to art with such wonderful people! Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

ginag said...

Hey Val, had my husband come sit and read your blog tonight so he could see just how much fun we had in Florida! Thanks for posting all the individual photos!
great job!