Monday, April 19, 2010

The Keys 4 Art (Day 1)

As I posted a few entries ago I went to Key Largo to spend some time with a few of the wonderful women that I swap with on the 3 circle journal groups I belong to. Elena Vigil-Farinas who is the founder of all the circle journal groups held the get together at her house in Key Largo. Since there is so much to share I am going to have to blog about it over several days so you'll have to check back each day to see what happened next.

I actually arrived a day early because of a small mishap with my booking agent. (Read here that my husband either heard the wrong dates to book the airplane ticket or I told him the wrong days.) At this point I have no idea what happened but it was cheaper to change the day I left then to change the whole ticket. Anyways I spent a whole day with Elena before the rest of the other women arrived so she got me all to herself for private art lessons. (Just so you know... she was so engrossed in the projects I was showing her that she didn't eat the dinner that someone brought to her.)

When I arrived this is what the craft/art room area that we would all be working in looked like.

This is what it looked like after we got creating stuff.

Once everyone else arrived there was a flurry of gift giving from every single one of us. You all saw the coin envelope journal I brought in kits for everyone to make while we were there. I wish I had taken photos of all them after they were done but not all them got finished and there was so much chaos we were lucky that anything got accomplished. (I also made a Marie Antoinette doll for Elena as a special hostess gift but you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of this entry to see it.)

These beautiful personalized beach bags were all on each of our chairs and they were filled with stuff from Tim Holtz.

Here is what was inside the beach bag. (There was also an apron from Tim but I have already put it my studio so I forgot to photograph it.) As you can see the book is signed and the postcard is only available in the UK. It seems that Elena knows Tim and Mario personally and he was going to visit us on Friday. Unfortunately his plans fell through and he was not able to make it so he sent all the stuff we received in the bags.

Can you imagine if he had shown up? There would be a collective gasp from all 11 of us and then the sound of 11 women hitting the floor as we all passed out. (You should see the amount of stuff that Mario sends Elena. Here studio is loaded with drawers of Tim Holtz stuff.) The b#$%^ has everything! (That's just envy Elena... you know I love you darlin')

Lillian gave us each a hand painted men's dress shirt to wear as a smock while getting messy in the craft room.

This beautiful polymer clay ATC was made for all of us by Sue Young. (She also gave us each a small black wooden stand to display them on.)

Eileen Bellomo made us each a small charm to use however we wanted. One side has the logo for the retreat that I designed on it and the other is Marie Antoinette for those of us in that circle journal group.

Jennifer Rogers-Daniels made us all these beautiful altered tins filled with goodies of all sorts. (Even the way she wrapped them was lovely.)

Juliet Arrighi made 12 necklaces crocheted from wire with different colored beads on each one. They were inside small gift bags wrapped in pink tissue paper with the color of wire and beads on the outside of each one so we could choose our favorite color.

This was given to Elena from me as special Thank you for putting up with all of us for invading her house. I found this pre-made bunny doll at a local craft store and I simply dressed her. Below are the details.

1. Her overskirt and sleeves are an old handkerchief I had. The dress is made from real silk that I bought and I embellished with old hand made tatting . The beads I sewed on the hem and the petticoat is gathered from about half a yard of lace.

2. Her slippers are from a pattern I made after about 4 attempts. (The heels are polymer clay.)

3. Her hair is real lambs wools and I it has a mini wooden spool in the center to keep it from getting smooshed. To make her hair-do I took one end of the wool and glued it into the hole at one end of the spool and wound it around as I glued until I covered it all. Then I took the loose end of wool and glued it into the top hole of the spool. The beads I simply stitched into the hair with a needle and thread after the glue dried.

4. The piece of cake she is holding is on a small silver plate I had and is made from polymer clay. It's stitched to her hands so she won't ever drop it.

Well that's it for now on my trip to Key Largo. There is plenty more I have to share but you'll have to come back tomorrow to read about it.


Janet Ghio said...

Wow! What fun!! Fabulous talent and gifts you received from everyone and your Marie bunny is great!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I put my necklace in my jewelry bag so forgot to take a photo of it. Will go back and do that now! Thanks for the reminder!
Can't wait for the next installment!

ginag said...

Oh Val,Gina from Oregon just checking in and as Eileen said so overwhelmed with what was taught and so generoulsy shared by all.
How much did your suitcase weigh at the airport? Loved our classes with you, don't want to spoil by telling too much so you can have the daily reveal! Can I say loved the bitty bird's nests!
Nice to meet you in person!
XXO Gina

Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

Too much fun...wish I could have been there! I love your bunny, she is sooo cute. Fabulous artist!

Anonymous said...

WOW, looks ans sounds like a magnificent time was has by all! All of the trinkets made and gifted where so lovely.

I loved the before and after shot of the room prior to the rhapsody of frenzied crafters taking over!

Elaine A said...

Well Val -

Sounds as if a fantastic time was had by everyone! Glad you enjoyed yourself and got to meet your friends.

Elaine Allen

craftyM said...

Hey Roomie... or is that "Coachie"? (sharing a motorcoach verses a room)
I want you to know my bag weighed 52 lbs on my return, but they DIDN'T charge me!!!! WHOOHOO! What a sigh of relief as I sure wasn't going to leave any of my new goodies and new artistic creations behind!!

So fun getting to know you! AND THANK YOU FOR MY NEW PUNCH!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Love you, Marita

Electra said...

I'm so glad you've posted and told us about it! It sounds wonderful!!!!

Juliet A said...

Fabulous reporting, and great pictures! I'm glad you made it home okay.

It was so great meeting you!