Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's In My Drawers? (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
We still aren't finished with the stamps. I have them hidden away all over my shop. These big file folders sit next to the TV directly across from me and they house some of my unmounted red rubber stamps. Eventually they will all go in a wire cube unit on the bottom shelf in clear acrylic box frames. But that unit is not for a few weeks yet.

These stamps from Technique Tuesday are pretty cool because you can mix and match the different pieces to create many kinds of paisley. (I don't think I have used them yet but maybe one day.)

The stamp on the bottom of the page that is yellow colored is actually a piece of no-slip rug backing.
All of these backgrounds are sized for ATC's. (I just love background stamps for making great textures.)

These stamps I actually found at a local stamp convention. They are really cool because you can make other stamp images into mosaics by stamping them onto these stamps and then onto your paper. (Sounds weird but it actually works.)

These are my frames, arches and yep.... that is actually bubble wrap. If I can stick it to some adhesive backed padding I will use it as a stamp.

This is the last page of the blue folder. You can see that this background stamp is very lonely all by himself. (Must... get... more.... stamps! Must.... fill... last... page!)

It's such an awful addiction but I just can't help it!!!!


PepPop said...

What a great way to store your stamps. Jaqui x

Janet Ghio said...

I just love "whats in my drawer" So much fun to look at all that art stuff!!! Thanks for sharing it!