Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Pull the tab...

...the rabbit appears.

I just finished both of these pieces for a swap on my Yahoo group. It's for a chunky book of Alice in Wonderland. We do a double page spread each month for 5 months and when you have received all your pages you glue them back to back to create the book. (You also create your own cover to add to the book.) The mechanism to make the rabbit move is something that the scrapbooking company I used to work for produced. I was able to cut it down and make it small enough to work for this. I painted the background using watercolors and the hole is covered in something called "Flower Soft". The Alice and Rabbit image I found while surfing the internet.


inge said...

Hello Valerie,

Can you explain the secret of how to make the tab ?... I like things like this for in books : who knows it shows up in your Marie Antoinette book...:)

I like your rabbitcard too, especially the real stuff you used on the left corner.

greetings from belgium

Elaine A said...

Hi Val -

I love these! What a wonderful job you've done with these cards.

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic. I just love them.