Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's In My Drawers? (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Well it seems I need to take more photos of stuff that I have hidden away, Hence the reason that this is the only cubby hole that I am posting today. I think I need to start pulling out all my dies and rubber stamps now.

This wire cube unit houses all my "wooden" stuff. The photo of the one bin that says assorted wooden shapes came out too fuzzy to post and the sun doesn't hit the room until the afternoon. It's mostly things like miniature clothes pins, popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, cubes, knobs and cut wooden shapes. I know I have way too many wooden birdhouses but I found a bunch at the dollar store and I just couldn't pass them up.

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Elaine A said...

You sound like me Val. If there is a big bargin at the craft or dollar store, I have a hard time passing it up. Never mind that I have 25 of the same item at home - LOL!

Elaine Allen