Friday, January 15, 2010

A Mostly Green Auto Show

Rob and I went to the North American International Auto Show last night with the DIA members. It is really nice because it is before the show actually opens so there are very few people there to get in the way. (I personally hate crowds.) I was mostly drawn to the numerous lime green cars so I put them in a slide show for your viewing pleasure. The last one is a picture of me in a "Tessla" which is a new electric sports car. You should have seen me getting in and out of this thing. The seat was only about 6 inches off the ground. (Seriously... you were almost laying out flat in the car seat.) Tonight we will be going with Rob's company to the charity preview. I'll have to get in an evening gown and high heels and be on my best behavior. (I do clean up pretty good most of the time.)

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