Monday, January 4, 2010

Forgot Last Week....Again! (What's In My Drawers?)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Sorry I forgot last week. I chalk it up to having too much wine at the wine tasting dinner on New Years Eve. (Boy what a headache I had the next day!) Anyways this is the third row of containers.

These are all of my larger glass beads in shades of red.

This is all of my orange beads. This is a tough color to find. Seems to be a shortage of certain shades of orange when it comes to beads.

Another tough color to find is yellow. They seem to be either a very bright yellow or a deep gold with very little in between.

These are all a mint green shade. A color I don't use a lot but I seem to have ended up with a whole container full of them.

These are all the medium green beads I have. (Another color I don't use much.)

I obviously "LOVE" lime green and may need to go to a second container soon.

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