Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

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Well it seems that fall is in the air here in Michigan. The nights are getting colder and the leaves are getting ready to turn. All the flowers in my garden are gone so I thought I would post some here.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Steam Punk Meets Zetti

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Steam Punk and Zetti got together and this is the "child" they had. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the 2 styles here's a synopsis. Steam Punk is modern technology that is made with all the mechanical trappings from Victorian times. (Think of the movies, Wild, Wild West, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.) Zetti is a style of doing people where you mix all different photos or pictures of people together. (For take the face from one photo mix it with the body of a stamped image and hand draw the arms and legs.) It was only natural that the 2 styles be combined and I decided to give it try when one of the groups I belong to decided to have a swap doing just that.

All of the cards are meant to be seen as toys from victorian times with a Zetti twist. Here are the titles of the 4 cards.

1. Upper left is called "The Contractor Prince". I named him that because when we had an addition put onto to our house about 3 years ago I kept all the pieces of wire, wood, and metal that the contractors left behind. (He is made from all those little bit and pieces.)

2. Upper right is "The Time Princess". She is made from a whole bunch of old watch parts so that was a given. Her body is made from a piece of embossed foil that Danise gave me. (It is made from the foil liner that you pull off of sealed cans of coffee and other foods.)

3. Lower left is called "The Bird Keeper" because of the little bird cage that his torso is made from. The bird cage is made from an acrylic tile from Tim Holtz' "Ideaology" collection.

4. The lower right hand card is called "The Queen Of Machines". I imagined her as a little mechanical "pull" toy that has much higher ambitions then being a child's plaything.

Moving Day

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Here are some beautiful renderings from a furniture catalog from "victorian" times.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dem Bones, Dem Bones...

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Here are some skeletons to use for Halloween. Hey... September is already underway before you know it will be time to Trick or Treat!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"What's In My Drawers?" (It Must Be Wednesday)

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Recently I stated on my list that I only knew one other person besides a punch company that had more punches then I did. One of the ladies replied back she thought that was unusual. I don't think she realized that I have around 1500 or 1600 at last count. So I thought I would show you what is in all those drawers and show a "punch count" total for each drawer. Maybe now I'll know just exactly how many I have. The pictures below are all the drawers from just the first set or drawers. (They are arranged into groups alphabetically.)

Animals - Birds


Animals Insect

I know there is a dragon in this drawer but I didn't know where else to put him.

Yeah a dinosaur in this drawer. They have the bones of some at the Detroit Zoo so that is where he went.

Bells, Bows, Balloons & Bubbles


Borders - Martha Stewart & EK Success

Christmas Decorations

Final "Punch Count" for this set of drawers is (Drum roll please!)....252.

On The Wing

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I haven't posted any butterflies so here a some pages full of them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"F" Is For Fairy

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This 4" x 4" card is for the Alphabetical Order swap on my Yahoo list. It was supposed to go out yesterday but the mailman came early. Here are the details of how I did it.

1. The background is heavy watercolor paper that I sprayed with water to moisten. Then I spritzed on "cherry blossom" Walnut Ink by Tsukineko. I also added metallic watercolors in hot pink, pearl and baby pink while it was still wet. I chalked the edges with a dark pink to frame the whole scene.

2. The image of the women is glued to card stock then cut out and pop dotted to the background.

3. The wings are a pattern I designed on my computer and printed on a transparency. I then ran it through a Xyron and attached 2 layers of Fantasy Film to it. I still wasn't happy with the color of the wings so I darkened it with alcohol inks.

4. The vines are twisted paper ribbons in a dark brown. I simply wove them around and glued them in spots where they touched the background. I then punched out many leaves and glued them around the vines.

5. The tiny yellow flowers and the rose are also from punches that I shaped by using an embossing stylus. I chalked them and added some texture to the centers by using "Elements Earth Textures". It's very cool stuff made by the Art Institute of Glitter and Barb Trombley. It made out of natural elements like ground coffee, dried carrots, dried herbs etc. (Plus it smells really good when you take off the lids.)

6. The "F" is a die cut letter that is mounted onto a circle punched from cream card stock and embossed with a folder from Cuttlebug. I rubbed an ink pad over the raised area to make it show more.

7. Lastly I added some self adhesive rhinestones to her head band and she was ready to mail.

Aren't They Precious?

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I just thought these were very cute pet pictures.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome To The Big Top

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I thought it would be fun to post some vintage circus images. After all isn't life the biggest three ring circus around?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Charmed I'm Sure...

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These are another set of charms that I made for the upcoming swap on my Yahoo list. After taking a charm from each set I already received and making a bracelet, I realized that I had not followed one of my own rules for the swap. I had asked everyone that was doing more then one set of charms to make them different from each other. So off I went to basement late last night to frantically search for an idea. I started making some of the charms out of shrink plastic but soon realized it would take forever. (Plus I wanted something a little more unique.) So then I remembered all the metal sewing bobbins I had from my old machine. (I no longer have it so they are useless to me... or so I thought!) I tore the center spool out of all of them so I ended up with the 2 end pieces. I briefly thought about making them into old phone dials because they reminded me of them, but I quickly discarded that idea. (Maybe an idea for the other 12 bobbins I have.) Anyways I stacked things like metal brad collars, small metal flowers and a game spinner which I held together with a rhinestone brad. 2 hours later I had all 18 charms done. Of course now everyone on the list has seen them and more people have joined so I have to make more. Now I just have to figure out how to get the newer bobbins apart. The center spindle is heavier and the previous method I used will not work.

Anybody got a small hack saw?

Through The Eyes Of An Artist

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This is another page for one of the circle journals I am involved in doing. This page is for Elena who was the lady that started both of the journal groups going. Her theme that she chose was to use keys. (Not everyone chose a theme.) I came across the saying a while ago and have been waiting to get her journal to use it in. These page were also inspired by a lady who doesn't even know me but I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y love her blog! You may remember me mentioning her before but her name is Ingvild Bohme and she is from Norway. She is a designer for Prima Marketing and does wonderful "shabby chic" type of scrapbook pages. (Check out her blog here.) Here are the details of the pages.

1. The background paper started out as ivory with black dots but I took 3 shades of lime green acrylic on one brush and randomly painted the paper until it was covered. I then took a craft knife and scratched the living daylights out of the edges with a block of wood underneath to save my table. I painted the edges with a rust acrylic after I distressed them and rubbed my tea dye Distress Ink pad all over.

2. The base paper is edged lightly with black soot Distress Ink and brushed with clear water to soften it.

3. The piece of aqua paper is rubber stamped with a darker aqua ink using an Anna Griffin stamp I have. Then I tore the triangle shape and wet the edges with watered down tea dye ink. I then rolled the edges between my fingers a lot to tear and distress them. I did the same treatment to 2 other pieces of paper which sit underneath it. (A cream harlequin pattern and a black handwriting paper.)

4. The rust colored flowers are hand painted with more of the tea dye ink and then cut out. They are stamped from another Anna Griffin stamp that I have. The butterfly is also a stamp that was hand colored.

5. The number "3" and the hinges are all painted with the Sophisticated Finishes paint that I love so much. It has iron particle in it that rust when you put the "patina" solution on it.

6. The title is die cut from a set made by Cuttlebug called "Harmony". The "life" part of the title is rubberstamped and embossed on a Russian dictionary page then aged with tea dye distress ink. (The postage stamp is a punch I own.)

7. The ribbon along the edge came as a last resort effort to change the sewing that I had stitched along the edge. Once it was done I felt the thread I had used looked too "kelly green" so I wove the silk ribbon through it in an attempt to cover it up. A happy accident that I like better then just the original stitching lines. It just goes to prove one of my favorite sayings. " A mistake is only an embellishment opportunity".

8. The black eyed susan's are punchart that I chalked and shaped with an embossing stylus to make them look 3-dimensional. (The centers are filled with dried coffee grounds.) The green scrolls around the flowers are die cut from paper that was embossed with a glitter powder that I mixed myself. (1 part lime green embossing powder, 1 part clear powder, 1 part lime green glitter.)

9. The lace was a hostess gift I received and the frame around the number "3" is a stamped and embossed image that I hand cut. The frames for the locks on page 2 are rubber stamped and embossed with a "postage" stamp image. (I cut the center image out to make the frames.)

10. On page 2 the keys were originally black so I painted them with white acrylic and sanded off certain parts. I wanted to match the locks which I already had in the white finish. The keys were then glue dotted to the page and had beads stitched around them to look like they were holding the keys.

11. A note on the eyelets that are on the second page. It is deceiving to know how small they actually are. A sharpened pencil lead will not fit all the way through. So yeah they are very hard to set easily.

Sunday Digital Download

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Here is a new collection that I simply called "Lime & Cobalt". Hope you like it!

Time For More Postage

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These are the last of the postage stamp sheets that I have compiled. Maybe one day when I have some time I will go through the big collection of stamps that my husband has and scan all of those.