Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Little More Steam Punk

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Well it seems that I haven't got the urge to do "steam punk" out of my system yet. This little box is for a swap being held on my Yahoo list called "The Sum Of All ATC's". The goal is to decorate the box any way you want and to include a treasure inside for the recipient. (It can be something you have made or purchased like jewelry, candy, small trinkets or even embellishments to use on ATC's. ) The necklace I made to include in my box is from an watch I had that I took apart. I covered the inside back with some red moire fabric and then glued on all the tiny watch parts from that watch and a few others. Once I was done I snapped the back on to the watch crystal so it was all enclosed. I pried off the metal watch bands from the holding pins so they would be left to hang the necklace from. The necklace itself is made from an old chain a couple of gold washers and some earring chandelier parts. (The dangle is made from watch gears.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing with Paste

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I finally got my cards done for the monthly techniques swap that I host on ATC World. (They had to dry a few days before I could mail them.) I slathered on the texture paste over chipboard and then just played with pressing different objects into the paste. They included things like dowel rods, different size embossing stylus', rubber stamps, polymer clay tools, and metal working tools. I then painted them with my favorite paints called "Sophisticated Finishes". They are the ones that you brush on a patina solution to while they are still wet and it makes them "age" in a matter of minutes. I glued some beads into some of the indentations and Voila.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's in My Drawer's (It must be Wednesday!)

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This drawer is part of what's left of my sewing stuff. I used to make crazy quilted vests and I used lace from this drawer plus vintage handkerchiefs, napkins and table clothes. A lot of the lace and tatting is very old and some of it is even too fragile to actually use. I really don't use much from this drawer except on special occasions, but I just can't bear to part with all this yummy lace that I spent hours searching for at antique shops, estate sales, garage sales and flea markets.

This is the drawer directly above the one you see with all the nicely wrapped lace bobbins. These are all the scraps that are too small to wrap around anything so they just get tossed in this drawer.

A Little Morning Wood

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I thought I would post a project that is a little outside my regular workshop area. We live in a house built in 1949 and has a very open contemporary, Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it. When I walked in the door with the realtor I immediately said "we'll take it". His response was "don't you want to see the rest of the house and wait until your husband get's here?" I said "oh sure we can but I know he will say the same thing." I was right he walked in the door 15 minutes behind us and said the same thing. (He did add "Cool house" to the other statements.)

The first picture is of the wall from our living room and separates the foyer from looking directly into the dining room. If you walk on the right side of the wall and down 4 steps to the right you will be at our front door. Anyways when we moved in this wall was covered with mirrors so every time you walked in you got a look at yourself. We ripped off the mirrors hoping the paneling (called Scratchboard) would be salvageable. As you can see they used construction adhesive to put up the tempered mirrors so we had to take them down with sledge hammers and crow bars. (They did not come down easily) We then ripped off the paneling to reveal a layer of homosote board. (It's pressed newspaper and was used before drywall was common.) We had another mess on our hands and couldn't decide if we wanted to rip it off or cover it up. For months (actually years) we had debated what to with this wall and could not come to a decision that we both agreed upon. We finally decided to do a mosaic of different kinds of wood in different thicknesses and stains. My husband helped me the first weekend but it took me the rest of 2 solid weeks to finish this wall. I had to fit every piece by hand and keep them in place with push pins. Then I had to take a section down one piece at a time and mark around them on the wall and also mark which stain they were to be colored. I would stain them, let them dry, and attach them to the wall, then start another section. Occasionally there is a piece of hammered copper which I also did by taking a piece of wood and covering it with roof flashing then I would hammer the heck out of it with a ball peen hammer. (Very good for getting your frustrations out, but very tiring.)

All in all I think it turned out pretty good.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Digital Download

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HEAH! It's Sunday again and I remembered to post the Digital download all on my own this time. (Will wonders never cease.)
These are some designs that can be used with anything but still are part of the "Beach" set from last week. The "bottle cap" frames are meant to be used with the "resin buttons" I designed for each set. They can also be backed with a colored circle and some letters or a saying or you can use them as photo frames. Be sure and check back next Sunday for some more designs.