Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dragonfly Engine

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

The last Enchanted Object is done! WHEW! This one was inspired by my love of dragonflies. I thought wouldn't it be cool to have a little back pack to wear that powers a set of wings. Here are the details on this one.

The power cell at the top is actually the ink tube from a gel pen that I pulled apart. It had dried up long ago but I never knew it because it got shoved to the back of the drawer. Once I cut it down I glued the gold rings on each end but that still left the ends open. I found that my white stick eraser was the perfect size so I cut off 2 plugs and glued them in each end. (The tube is filled with green micro beads to give it color.)

The wings are printed on acetate from a set of patterns I designed and then colored with alcohol ink. They are attached to earring chandelier pieces with mini brads and actually move up and down.

The holographic looking ring is made by gluing a piece of clear packaging plastic to a brass ring and then filling it with Diamond Glaze. (The holograph is simply a piece of "crocodile" embossed clear iridescent ribbon.)

The bottom piece that is sitting under the orange crystal is a plastic mirror clip that I cut in half and painted to match the other pieces.

The main body of the back pack is on a piece of watercolor paper but the raised part is small pieces of craft wood that I cut up and assembled. I then painted it gold and used a black wash to make it look like aged brass.

That may be all for a few days. Tomorrow I plan on NOT doing anything creative. My brain has been spent on these 4 cards and I need to clean or do something a little more physical.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Davinci's Folly

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I know that Davinci is a little early to be considered victorian, which is what the steam punk style is based on, but I have always had a fascination with him. I took his idea of the wings that you often see drawings of from his sketch books and I made them so they unfolded. I was originally going to do 2 of them but after taking 2 hours on the first one I'd had enough. The wing has a hand dyed piece of fabric for the body which is hand stitched over the hand hammered copper wire frame. I then took smaller wire and stitched them onto the wing to mimic the veins and give it a little stiffness.

I remembered an old box of cufflinks that my husband inherited from his dad, many of which had no matches. I gleefully cut and sawed them apart and sorted through the small pieces. What I ended up using was one of the swivel pieces that you insert through the button hole. It is the bar shaped handle on the side of the lights. The base of it is an earring back and it actually turns. (Pretty clever if I do say so myself.) The wheel on the other side also turns around by grabbing the small handle which also spins. Another part of a cufflink is the teardrop shaped lever at the top by the gauge. It also moves so that you can regulate the steam before it builds up too far. (Yeah I know my imagination gets too carried away sometimes.)

Well my husband is very exhausted from his trip and I hear this small voice coming from the bedroom. (He sounds so pathetic when he is tired.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calling Captain Nemo

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Except for a half hour break for lunch and few bathroom breaks, I have been working on this card all day. (I call it Captain Nemo's Communicator.) It has been a real challenge to come up with some of these embellishments but it has been worth it. The eyepiece on the top actually swivels up and I had to make it by hand. I started with a small brass ring which I glued a piece of packaging plastic to, then once it was dry I filled it with Diamond glaze. The arm is a piece of a watch which swivels on a mini brad and a small brass washer.

The "thingamabob" on the side is made from a piece of coiled wire with beads glued on the ends. I then had to insert wires into holes I drilled in the side of the wooden frame because no matter what kind of glue I used the coil would pop off. (I had to fill the beads with silicone and then let it dry before I could stick the coil on the wires.) The bulb is a simple christmas tree light that I wrapped a piece of brass and some wire around the bottom.

Hopefully this is something that Captain Nemo would use to call his home boys.

Steam Punk is Cool

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I have finished another card for a swap called "Enchanted Objects". (This card is called Enchanted Clock.) The whole idea for this swap was to have the card overflow the edges and go overboard on the embellishments. ( I think I achieved the goal on this one.)

It is done in a style I have recently heard about called "Steam Punk". It marries old fashioned style from the Victorian era with modern technology but the twist is that the technology part never made it past being powered by steam. A good example of it is the movie "Wild West" with Will Smith and Kevin Kline. The style is all about brass and gears and wood with old copper and weathered silver. Lots of rivets and screws and wire hold it all together with a bit of victorian lace and velvet.

Well I have to go finish the other three cards for this swap. Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Digital Download

To download click on the picture to get a full size image. Right click and "save to" your computer desktop or a folder of your choice. (Images must be increased in size by 200% to use as 12" x 12" paper.)

Yes... It's Sunday already. Here's another FREE digital download. This was the first set of papers I designed when I started doing art on my computer. Don't forget to check back in the weeks to come for more matching paper and embellishments.