Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of Queens and Keys

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Another cold and snowy day. So far we have gotten another 5 to 6 inches today. Just the reason I need to stay in the basement all day and make art. (Like I need a reason.) HAH!!!

I finished 2 cards today. The first is for the Lucky Lady Dip swap I am participating in on the Advanced ATC Artists-UK. (Yeah I know I'm from the states but I guess they thought I was good enough to be invited into a really superb group of artists.)

The image of the women in full royal dress I bought from Lulu. I then hand colored her on my computer and copied the image and flipped it to create a "playing card". It was quite an easy card to do so I may make this one for all the players in the upcoming Lucky Lady Dip swap I am hosting on ATC World.

The second card is for Judy Dominguez and it is based on another card I did recently for the monthly techniques swap using mica. I had a few pieces left over so I used one of those but I also had these cool little packaging bubbles that came from Tim Holtz with locks in them. (The key in the bubble actually hangs down from a headpin through the top.)

Well it's time to feed the hubby so I better go get dinner started.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Oldie But Goodie

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As I was looking for some metallic paper yesterday I came across a drawer of projects that I had started a couple of summers ago and then forgot about. I love to take pictures of my garden, when it is in bloom, so I have a mass of pictures. I decided that I may as well document them by making a scrapbook because I never looked at the photos stored on my computer. Here are 2 of the pages for that scrapbook. It is in a 6x6 format and I decided to collage them and cram as much stuff as I could on each page. (There is also a third page on my daffodils but after looking at it I decided it need more "stuff".)

Here are the particulars of each page.

Spider's Parlor
White Photo Box - The box with the flower in it is actually a "shaker" and the flower is a pre-bought printed acetate image. (If you look closely you can see the micro beads in the upper left hand corner behind the flower image.) The edges have "ice" flakes glued around it to give it a frosted appearance.
Fern Leaf - A piece of heavy frosted template plastic with an image of a fern, stamped on it with alcohol ink, and pearl metallic paper glued behind it. (The template plastic is what is used to cut your own quilt patterns from.)
Burlap Photo Frame - This is stamped on clear acetate and them embossed with white embossing powder and the back is colored with copper alcohol ink. (You have to heat the embossing powder carefully or you will melt the acetate.) The gold scroll is a die-cut.
Metal Butterfly - A silver butterfly is colored with alcohol inks and then has a black bugle bead for the body. The head is also a bead and it has wire attennae.
Spider - The web is hand sewn and knotted with regular sewing thread and the spider is 2 carnelian beads with wire legs.
Background - Metallic paper that has been embossed with a Cuttlebug template.

Asiatic Lily
Title - The letters are cut with Sizzix alphabets dies and then coated with lime green mica glitter. The slide mount behind the letters is the heavy frosted template plastic colored with alcohol inks. It was then made into a shaker that contains micro beads and "spun" glitter. (Spun glitter has very long fibers instead of small flakes.)
Silver Disc - This is thin aluminum that has been embossed using a Cuttlebug die.
Asian Coin - An actual coin that has been mounted on a piece of hot pink acrylic. The corner brads are silver and were colored with alcohol ink.
Beaded trim - Lime green and hot pink beads strung on a wire across the top. Instead of ending the wire on the back of the page I poked the tail through to the front and curled the end to make a decorative element.
Corner flower - A piece of vellum that is printed with a hot pink chrysanthemum is layered over hot pink mulberry paper. The mulberry paper is stamped and embossed with white chinese writing.
Background - The background is a piece of clear acetate colored with alcohol ink and layered over lime green card stock. Certain areas are highlighted underneath with the lime green mica glitter. (You can see it a little in the upper left hand corner behind the pink wire swirl.)

So what should you learn from all of this. MORE IS BETTER! and it's all about layering. Keep piling it on even if you cover up part of it. The little details are what makes a piece more interesting.

Now I have to go find a warm blanket and somewhere to curl up. It is 6 below with a wind chill of 25 below.

I'M #@*&$%! FREEZING!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

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Well I have been busy again. I went downstairs and turned the ceramic heater on full blast and went to work again. Anyways this art doll is for the theme "yellow". So other then the color you can pretty much do what you want. So I collaged and piled stuff on until I really couldn't fit on anymore stuff without covering something else up.

Particulars of this doll in case your wondering are as follows.

Wings - Stamped with Staz-On ink on packing plastic and then the back is colored with alcohol inks (Butterscotch, Carmel and Gold.)
Face - Made with polymer clay then painted with Polished Pigments by Luminarte. (The satin roses are also painted with Polished Pigments.)
Left Hand- Covered with a "Gold Mica Paste" that I have used for the first time and is made by Golden.
Hair - Strips of "ribbon yarn" are cut and glued to the back of the head.
Right Leg - The flower on the knee cap is made from glue on "studs" that I bought at Michael's.
Skirt - Petals punched out of yellow vellum and glued to form a skirt.
Body - Some of the paper was not yellow when I started so to unify the color I watered down some ochre acrylic paint and washed the entire doll. (I quickly dabbed it with a paper towel to keep it light in color.)

Back to the 40's and 50's

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I finished 2 ATC Art dolls for a swap that is "retro" themed. I usually have trouble with this kind of subject but I finally had a break through and did some art that I think turned out well.

I used to do a lot of sewing a while ago so the Susie Homemaker one came pretty easy. The other one was inspired by an old ad I found for nylons. I had to re-do a lot of the type and the graphics myself because the original ad was not very good quality. (When I printed it out it was very blurry.) The image of the girl is actually a "Vargas" pin-up girl that I scanned from a book of his art work that I own. Her skirt is a piece of organza that I ruched and tied around her waist. The background of the card is actually a knee high of mine that I cut up and wrapped around the backing.

If you want some good sources of images here are a few sites that I found helpful. The Rusty Zipper has tons of old sewing patterns to look at as well as vintage clothing for sale. The Fashion Era site has tons of stuff about history as well as images from the early 1800's up to the present time. If those 2 sites don't have something you can use simply type in "retro fashion images" on a search engine and you'll get lots of choices.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Crazy for "Crazy Quilting"

I really enjoyed the Heart Ornaments I made recently so I decided to buy some more fabric and get busy. When I was in the fabric store an asian fabric with my favorite colors called out to me so I had to get it. Unfortunately it doesn't really show on any of the cards because the print was really too big and the cards were too small to get a good sized piece of fabric in. Anyways all the beading, ribbon work and embroidery is hand done (by me.) I think I am going to have to give my hands a rest for a couple of days. I guess that means I finally have to take the Christmas tree down.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Digital Download

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Yep it's another Sunday and it's another digital download. We have just gotten about 6 inches of snow and more is on it's way. Looks like I'll be in my workshop happily creating away while the outside world gets covered in snow.