Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's In My Drawers? (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

This is the last set of drawers that I have punches in and this cabinet is directly above the other ones that hold the rest of the punches.

This drawer hold all of my food punches.

These are all of my rectangle punches. (I certainly wish they made more sizes of rectangle punches.)

These are all of my swirl punches.

These punches are something called "Missing Links". The idea is that you can use them with the "border" aligning tool you also see pictured. You line the paper up by inserting the proper link template and sliding it along as you punch the design over and over.

This is the last drawer of punches and it is something called a "Block" set. They are designed to work with the square punches to create punched shapes that look like children's building blocks.

This sad looking box houses one of my alphabet sets. The reason it looks this way is because it was one of the things that was on the floor when I got all that water in my workshop several months ago. It still actually holds the set quite nicely even though it looks like it will disintegrate at any moment.

Here is what the set looks like out of the box. I have had this for many years and at the time I bought it it was the latest and greatest in punched alphabets. Now there are so many die cuts and hand held punches that are so much easier to use that it only gathers dust. The extra letters were the ones that originally came with the set but they later had ones available that didn't have "connectors" to the centers of the letters.

Because this is such an "industrial" set of punches it has it's own handle that comes with the set. The inner spring in these punches is so heavy that it is impossible to actually punch these letters by hand.

This is my other alphabet set and I purchased it after the Pebble Creek set which is the one pictured above. You can see that these don't even come with an outside case on them. (These are called eA-Zy Punch.)

This set also comes with it's own handle because like the other set the inner springs combined with no cases make it impossible to punch these by hand.

These punches by Fiskars are the ones sitting on top of the drawers and the border punches below sit in a bin next to the drawers.

Believe it or not that is the last of my punches. The total from this week comes to 170 added to the total from last week (1,391) and the total number of punches I own is (drum roll please......)


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Joanne said...

I am going to show my husband all your punches. There is no way he can ever tell me again that I have too much craft!!!