Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's In My Drawer's? (I know, I know... it's Thursday!)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

This EXTRA large Iris cart sits on the opposite side of the room from the cabinets where the rest of the punches are. It is taller because the drawers are twice as deep as the other carts in the cabinets. Consequently that means that the punches are stacked 2 deep so I am always rummaging to find shapes.

This drawer holds all my tag punches. These are some of the largest punches I own. For example the shipping tag punch in the upper left hand corner and the scalloped punch in the upper center are almost 5 inches across.

These are all of my deckle and straight sided square punches.

This is all of my scalloped square punches. The really huge punch won't fit in any other drawer and punches a shape that you fold into a swirled flower. (It is almost 10 inches long and weighs a good 2 or 3 pounds.) You don't even want to know what it cost!

I think this drawers hold more punches then any other. (Nope that would be the last drawer of this cart.) It is all of what I call my "funky" hearts and stars.

These are of my oval punches including smooth and scalloped sided.

These are all of the punches that I used to use when I taught my punchart class based on my book. I have probably given over half of them away just to get rid of them. If anybody wants a set just email me. All I ask is that you reimburse me for the postage. ($10.95 for a medium flat rate Priority box.)

Last weeks total = 1,201 plus this weeks total (190) = 1,391
Don't worry I still have more punches!


Joanne said...

Goodness me!!

Juliet A said...

There was a time when I would have looked at your punch photos and asked myself "what is she doing with all this $%^&?" But now, I look at the contents of these drawers and I think,"Cool, oh, if I had that one and that one, I know exactly what I would do with it!"

Of course, a lot of my change in attitude is that I've learned a lot from you.