Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's in My Drawer's? (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

This is the second set of iris carts behind the second cabinet door. (Sorry... this was supposed to be posted last Wednesday.)

This is all of my ash (or multiple leaves) and fern leaves.

These leaves are all made by a company called Emaginations. (Well except for the 2 that are a different color.)

These are all the other leaves that don't fit into the other 2 categories.

All my extra large leaves.

This is labeled manmade shapes. How does that differ from "household items" you might ask? Well they could be the same drawer except there is not enough room and the manmade shapes are not always stuff that you would find in the house. (I had to make up something.)

These are all "odd" shaped things.

Pots, Baskets and Vases. Yeah technically not all the drawers are alphabetical but they are my drawers and I can put them in any order I want. ( I really have no idea why it was in that order and now I am used to it being there.)

These are all my people punches.

These are all punches that are just "parts" of people. (I know it sounds gross but I couldn't think of a better name.)

Punch Count from 2 weeks ago is 649 plus this weeks total (176) = 825. We are fast approaching the 1000 mark. (YeeHaw!) ..... (I hope my husband doesn't go on my blog.) Anybody have a spare room I can stay in in case he does visit my blog?

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