Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"What's In My Drawers?" (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This is the second cabinet that is filled with "Iris" carts full of punches.

This drawer houses all my flower punches that are shaped like daisies. Scary that I have enough of them that they have to have their own drawer isn't it?

This drawer, of course, holds all the other kinds of flowers that I own. (I'm thinking I need another flower drawer soon.)

Yup .... more flowers... REALLY BIG ONES!

(SIGH!) Yeah it's more flowers. I keep these together because they came as a set from Family Treasures. That company is no longer in business so some of them are now made by other companies. Those would be the ones that look the same but are a different color. (I have duplicates of some because these shapes tend to break easily.)

Uh Huh... more flowers. I know some of these don't look like flowers and that is because they are meant to be put together to create 3 dimensional flowers. (Yeah there are some leaves in there too, but they are all a set.)

These are all my geometric/quilt pattern shapes.

More geometric shapes and more flowers. (I told you I needed more drawers, but I am out of room in my cabinets.)

These are shapes that you'd find around the house and basically don't fit into any other category.

This is all the holiday punches that aren't Christmas related. I really need to have Halloween all to it's own drawer since Martha a had a lot of really cool punches this year. (Again no more drawers space.) UGH!

Last weeks total 414 plus this weeks total(235) = 649


Anonymous said...

Good lord...I thought I had a lot of punches! I'm in a punch art swap, and just looking at your drawers (pardon me!) has given me some inspiration.

bissecat said...

Ugh!!!lovely punches and so lot!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is sure a lot of punches. I own no punches at all. LOL Francine