Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's In My Drawers? (I forgot about Wednesday Again!)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This is the final set of "iris carts" in the bottom cabinets. Don't worry there are some other drawers in an upper cabinet plus a really big set of drawers in another part of the workshop. Plus I have 2 alphabets under the table and a slew of new punches I bought this week. (Maybe I'll post those later today if I can remember to take photos of them.)

These are all my "Renaissance Squares". I labeled the drawer with that because the company that used to make the burgundy colored punches called them that and the name just stuck for all the rest.

These are all my extra decorative corners and squares. Yeah I know it isn't alphabetical but I wanted them with the other squares.

These are all my snowflakes. Again I know this isn't alphabetical but the important thing is that I know where they are.

These are all my sports and school related punches. HEAH!... who put the wedding punch in there? I have been looking for that bleeping thing forever. Did someone think this was funny? OK ... come on... who put it in there?.... OH (eh hem) that would be me!

This is all my stamps and tickets with a few other office supplies in there. (I am really running out of drawer space.)

This is all of my stars except for the "primitive" and "funky" ones. (That is another drawer.)

These are all of my scalloped hearts.

These are all of my straight hearts. (I don't think I have any gay ones but they may not have "come out" of the drawer yet.) Sometimes I just crack myself up.

A whole drawer full of suns. Who knew there could be so many and that I had to have all of them. (I really do use them a lot actually.)

Last weeks total is 825 plus this weeks (187) = 1,012. DING, DING, DING we have hit the one thousand mark and still have a ways to go. (Seriously.... does anyone have a spare room?)


bissecat said...

Lovely punc and so lot of them.

Mary R. said...

oh my i be you do need a spare room do you just colett the punches or do you really use them your blog is it wishe mine was that great i just dont know how is all I love doing mine ....Mary Redford

Valerie B. said...

Yes Mary I do actually use my punches. In fact I even published a punchart book a number of years ago. I still use them in a lot of my ATC's and I bet you can probably spot some if you look.