Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journals In Miniature

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Page for Alison Brandist in the style of "Tim Holtz".

Page for Joni Owens with a theme of "Seashore/Beach".

Page for Diana O'Cobhthaigh in the style of "Zetti" using a picture of yourself from childhood. (Yeah... that's my face when I was about 3 or 4.)

Page for Suze Urquhart with a theme of "winged time".

Page for Treez Malyon in the theme of "Olde World/Treasure Island".

Page for Sandra Zengler in the theme of "Cats or Dogs."

These are all pages for a miniature journal swap that Treez Malyon put together. We each do a page in the artists chosen theme and send it to them by the 3rd week in November. The journal itself is the tiniest thing I have ever worked on at 2 3/4" by 1 3/4" with a 3/4" binding fold on the left. Even though they are very tiny and a great challenge I found I really liked working that small. Here are some details and comments about each page. ( I showed the back of each page because I spent almost as much time on them as I did the front.)

1. Alison's (Tim Holtz Style) - Background is done with Tim's recipe for "Glimmer mists" in a lime green purple and orange with a little walnut ink mixed in. I rubber stamped with black ink , white paint and purple embossing powder. I then added micro beads, s line of sheet music, a small key attached to a chain, a printed postage stamp and some very, very tiny pearl buttons.

2. Joni Owens (Seashore/Beach) - The background is again done with the "glimmer mist" recipe and the clouds are painted with white acrylic paint. The net I hand notted to get one small enough and the mermaid is a small silver charm that I hand painted with special metal enamels. The beach has real sand, rocks and tiny seashells.

3. Diana O'Cobhthaigh (Zetti childhood) - Diana wanted us to use a picture of our own face and mix it with other images of body parts to create a "Zetti". I used my face on an image I found and then decorated it with glitter and some Flower Soft.

4. Suze Urquhart (Winged Time) - The background again is the glimmer mist recipe with a piece of a vintage book page and embossed swirls. The bird is a punch that I own and the clock is an actual watch face that I added hands to and encased in a thick layer of Diamond Glaze.

5. Treez Malyon (Olde World/Treasure Island) - The background is the glimmer mist recipe with a layer of walnut ink spritzed over it to make it antique looking. (There is also a compass stencil I used but not much of it is visible.) The map and boat are pieces cut from some wrapping paper. The skull is a piece of polymer clay and the bones beneath it are part of another punch. The "pirate treasure" is some very small coins attached to a small length of gold chain. (Notice that "X" marks the spot and the ship is following the "trail".)

6. Sandra Zengler (Dogs or Cats) - The background is again (you guessed it) the glimmer mist recipe of lime green and walnut ink. The whole idea was based on this stamp I own which I think is just hilarious. It says "Hi, my name' s bad dog. What's yours?" Of course there is also an image of a dog in a dog house they were both too large to fit the page. So I made my own version using other stamps I had. (The crown is a punch I have.)


Lady Di said...

Valerie, your miniature journal pages are stunning and I love each and every one of them. Wasn't is fun doing something so small ... I can't wait to put my little book together and will be doing my covers soon.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Oooo I love these journal pages! My favorite is the Old World/Treasure Island ones. Always did have a soft spot for Pirates!