Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"What's In My Drawers?" (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Recently I stated on my list that I only knew one other person besides a punch company that had more punches then I did. One of the ladies replied back she thought that was unusual. I don't think she realized that I have around 1500 or 1600 at last count. So I thought I would show you what is in all those drawers and show a "punch count" total for each drawer. Maybe now I'll know just exactly how many I have. The pictures below are all the drawers from just the first set or drawers. (They are arranged into groups alphabetically.)

Animals - Birds


Animals Insect

I know there is a dragon in this drawer but I didn't know where else to put him.

Yeah a dinosaur in this drawer. They have the bones of some at the Detroit Zoo so that is where he went.

Bells, Bows, Balloons & Bubbles


Borders - Martha Stewart & EK Success

Christmas Decorations

Final "Punch Count" for this set of drawers is (Drum roll please!)....252.


linda from vegas said...

Oh my! If you had a Cricut and Sure Cuts A lot, you wouldn't need punches at all. My hubby would absolutely kill me if I had even one drawer full! I'm going to send him a link to your site so he will realize how frugal I am. I love your blog.

Valerie B. said...

I had a Cricut and never used the darn thing because I didn't have anywhere to leave it out so I could access it. My mom now has it on permanent borrow.

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha! Do you actually use them all?! I'm most impressed at your organisation - at least you can find your things :-) Kate

Ginia said...

Could I maybe have a bird stamp or two?...On permanent borrow. HaHaHa

susanscraps said...

ok, I gotta ask, why Teddy bears are in with zoo animals, LOL ;)

Valerie B. said...

Well the bears are there because they are "bears" even if they are meant to be the cuddly, stuffed kind. Besides I didn't have room anywhere else. Where would you put them?

Kathay said...

How do you know what is where? What is your system? Are they a collection only or do you use them?
Kathay from New Jersey