Monday, August 24, 2009

A Very Creative Day

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This is another installment in one of the circle journals I am doing. This is the color one where every artist picks several colors and all the contributing artists must use the chosen colors. This is for Karen and her colors are orange, cream and brown. She also loves the circus although we could choose to do a different theme. I thought the circus was a fun theme so I went for it. I got all the images off a wonderful CD from Luna Girls.

1. I started with the tickets which were originally an ugly light gray color. So I pulled out my mini misters and made up some Glimmer mist per Tim Holtz' recipe. (The recipe is about half way through this video tutorial that I did.) I used the Spiced Marigold Distress ink and the Blush Perfect Pearls. To make every other ticket raised I glued it to a piece of chipboard and cut around it.

2. The background is done on a heavy watercolor paper that Karen provided. I used walnut ink in layer after layer of just spattering and spraying with a mister that "spit" a lot. Once I had about 5 layers I spritzed a layer of clean water and dabbed off the ink. This left a very mottled background with very dark areas in the recesses of the papers texture.

3. The images are all hand colored with Prismacolor pencils. Before I printed the images I converted them to black & white then added a sepia photo filter over them to make them appear old. To make each image stand out more I colored around them with a dark brown and then black pencil to make a kind of drop shadow effect.

4. The especially like the way he trapeze turned out. I used a very small dowel rod painted gold and on each end I glued on half of a "screw barrel" necklace clasp. I then attached jump rings that I threaded red velvet cord through and ran a gold spacer bead over it to finish the end.

5. I stamped various images over the background as well as adding beads, rhinestones, orange cabochons, and ribbon.

6. The elephant mascot was provided by Karen for every artist to alter in some way. We were all asked to sign and date it and I think Karen will include them all in the book somewhere.
The blanket is a piece of ribbon glued over some card stock. The fringe on the blanket was done by taking a piece of red liner tape and sticking down threads of metallic embroidery floss until I filled up the whole length. (Yeah I have way too much tim on my hands. )

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