Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of Bullets And Beads

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Some of you may remember the recent pictures I posted of my trip "up north". What some of you may not know is that while I was there my husband and I always make a trip or 2 to the gun ranges. (Since our cousins were not there with all the skeet shooting equipment we only made one trip the rifle range.) I am basically a coward when It comes to guns and I am scared of most of the ones my husband owns but I managed to "buck up" and finally got a .22 caliber of my own a few years ago. Some of you got a stash of bullet casings to play with from that trip since I collected hundreds of the small .22 caliber casings. Here are 2 necklaces that I made from some of the casings. The silver ones I found on the "pistol" side of the range and so I have no idea what kind of gun they came from. The brass ones are all from a .22 caliber rifle some of which I fired.

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texcinlulu said...

I like the very much.
What a cleaver girl you are.
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