Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heavy Metal For The Birds

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On my Yahoo list we are having a charm swap and there is great excitement about doing something new and untried among many of the women. Nancy saw a really cute birdhouse on Tim Holtz' blog and made some very cute ones using the same metal corner pieces but for the body she used canvas and painted them. I saw the same birdhouse on Tim's blog and went "heavy metal". Almost all of the components are from the "Ideaology" line of products but I snuck in an old zipper pull and an eye hook from my sewing supplies. It is pretty much all held together with a few brads but the "roof" had to be glued to the house body and the eye hook which the chain attaches to.

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PeregrineBlue said...

Really love what you did with all these metal elements. Charming.