Sunday, August 30, 2009

Charmed I'm Sure...

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These are another set of charms that I made for the upcoming swap on my Yahoo list. After taking a charm from each set I already received and making a bracelet, I realized that I had not followed one of my own rules for the swap. I had asked everyone that was doing more then one set of charms to make them different from each other. So off I went to basement late last night to frantically search for an idea. I started making some of the charms out of shrink plastic but soon realized it would take forever. (Plus I wanted something a little more unique.) So then I remembered all the metal sewing bobbins I had from my old machine. (I no longer have it so they are useless to me... or so I thought!) I tore the center spool out of all of them so I ended up with the 2 end pieces. I briefly thought about making them into old phone dials because they reminded me of them, but I quickly discarded that idea. (Maybe an idea for the other 12 bobbins I have.) Anyways I stacked things like metal brad collars, small metal flowers and a game spinner which I held together with a rhinestone brad. 2 hours later I had all 18 charms done. Of course now everyone on the list has seen them and more people have joined so I have to make more. Now I just have to figure out how to get the newer bobbins apart. The center spindle is heavier and the previous method I used will not work.

Anybody got a small hack saw?


Elaine A said...

Valerie -

Love the charms! How ingenious of you!

Elaine Allen

Anonymous said...

A really TINY hack saw at that! These came out wonderfully and unless the swap is topped out of participants, you may end up making these forever.