Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"E" Is For Elk

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This is a 4" x 4" card for a monthly swap I host on my Yahoo list called "In Alphabetical Order". Yep you guessed it. Every month you make a card for the assigned letter of the alphabet and send it to a partner. (This will be going to a newer member, Erica Velasco, all the way in the Phillipines.) I just love being known world wide. LOL!!!

Anyways this card is a departure for me because I usually work in a "vintage" collage style. This time I used a photo I recently took on my last trip up north. (Some of you may recognize these 2 handsome animals.) I printed the photo on an inkjet transparency and then I scratched and burned the edges to make it look old. (Just can't get away from that vintage style.) I took book pages and tore up pieces to glue all over the background under the transparency. (To make the words less apparent I painted them over with white gesso.) I then took a piece of mulberry paper and tore a hole out of the center of it and Modge Podged that over the book page background so that the elks would be the centerpiece and the rest would fade into the black. The letters are cut from a small piece of fancy tooled copper metallic leather. The horns in the corner are "german scrap" that I colored with alcohol ink. The tassel is threaded through a small copper brad collar and if you look closely you'll notice in the fringe that there are 2 very small bullet casings tied into the fiber. (No I would never shoot such a beautiful animal, but I do have a warped sense of humor.)

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Jan said...

Beautiful effects here. I love the way that the use of the mulberry paper appears to bring the elks into the sunlight from the darkness of the forest. Lovely colours also.