Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's In My Drawer's? (It must Be Wednesday!)

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

This a wire cube unit I have full of the "pizza boxes" that Club Scrap mails their kits in. (I was a member for several years and kept all the boxes.)

This is a white laminated chipboard cabinet designed specifically to hold 12"x 12" paper. (See below.) I had to raise it on the piece of marble they cut out of our kitchen countertop for the stove to keep it from getting wet when the basement flooded. (The smaller set of white drawers holds all my metallic 12"x 12" paper and several projects in the works.)

12"x12" Pattern Paper

12"x 12" Solid Paper

This is one of 3 "Cropper Hoppers that house all the Club Scrap paper I acquired when I was a member. The other 2 are shown below.

Yes they are all full of Club Scrap paper and I still have yet to use any of it. (I know, I know... but I just can't bare to use it yet.) I pull it out to choose some and I just end up fondling it like some paper "pervert" and then I tuck it back away for another day. (Boy that sounds sick doesn't it?)

This table is directly behind my work table so all I have to do is swing my chair around to get to my 2 blue boxes of scrap paper. I use mostly scrap paper in my art work but once in a while I'll break out an uncut sheet. (OH the tragedy!!)

You can also see a glimpse of the 3 wire paper racks up against the back wall on the left side. Those house all my solid colored Bazill paper.

This is actually the entrance hall to get to my workshop. The wire cubes used to sit in front of my desk but I had to move them when I added an extra table for when I have visitors. The plastic stacking shelves I "inherited" from my old work place. I still don't use them much for paper because they get so dusty that I got tired of cleaning them.

These are some of my favorite paper sets that I also inherited from my old work place and wanted to keep separate from my other paper. They are in semi transparent "file folder" kind of cases made for 12"x12" paper.

That's pretty much all of the paper I have stashed in various places. I just wish I could some day have it all in one area so I don't have to go running all over when I start a new project. (It really is a miracle that I can remember where it all is.)


Linda from Vegas said...

I had to laugh at you fondling your papers, don't we all? I made my husband look at all your paper stashes just to prove to him that I really don't have too many. Is there such a thing?
Is there a way to download your daily digital paper?

Nan said...

I enjoyed seeing all your paper. I have lots of paper and even more stamps. I don't feel so out of control now, it's really quite normal for us artists! :)

Anonymous said...

Val, I also have some Club Scrap paper from a couple years ago and like you I hate to use it. Their pizza boxes come in handy tho.
Great workshop by the way.

Lori from Auburn said...

Paper "Pervert"!!! Oh, my gosh! Val, you kill me! Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything or I would have snorked it up my nose! As it was, I started laughing so hard I nearly fell of my computer chair, and I'm still wiping the tears off my cheeks. Just what I needed, a good laugh to pick me up. By the way, I only have a very tiny stash of paper, but I hate to cut into any of it. It's like pulling teeth or something.

Lori N.