Friday, June 5, 2009

Through The Eyes of an Artist

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These 2 pages are for Lee's circle journal. I mentioned this group a while ago and every month I will be receiving another person's journal to work on.

Close-up of the shell.

Here are some of the details on how I did these 2 pages.

1. The background is colored with lime Tintz by Fiberscraps. I like using an old file folder because the finish is slighty glossy and allows the ink to be moved around and played with.
2. I then stamped various images on both pages some using just ink and others I embossed over. The diamond pattern I stamped with distress ink first and then rubbed Perfect Pearls over it. Once it dried I lightly sprayed it with water and that made the Distress ink seep out from underneath the metallic powder. I then stamped it again with a Versamark pad and embossed it with clear powder to make it shiny.
3. The lace and the background paper for the quote I dyed with a mixture of Distress ink and Perfect Pearls. (China Blue and Turquoise)
4. The seaweed on both pages is either silk ribbon embroidery or beaded.
5. The bubbles are done by taking a piece of packaging plastic and adhering a sheet of iridescent film to it then punching out a bunch of circles with various hand punches. Then I took Diamond Glaze and put a drop of it on each one to make it look more rounded and shiny.
6. The seashell is from a punch that I embossed and hand colored with pencils. I attached both sides with some silk ribbon and then filled the inside of one half with stencil paste to nestle the pearl in. I painted over it with my Primary Elements in pink after the paste dried.
7. The mermaids tail I designed myself and then just attached the vintage photo I found of the woman to the top. The tail is painted with the same mixture as the lace and then rubberstamped with a slightly darker color. The tail fin is hand painted with Diamond Glaze to make it appear shiny and wet.
8. The mermaid actually comes off the page and is held in place with magnetic tape that is adhesive backed.

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Linda Dunn said...

Good grief! These are uber fabulous!

Thanks for sharing.