Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm BAAAAAaaaaaaCK!

Well those margaritas were pretty darn good. I managed to finish a book while I was up there, see 4 elk, numerous deer, go horse back riding for 2 hours and get a slight tan. (A big achievement for this white girl!) Yes I had #30 suntan lotion on because I burn just thinking about sitting in the sun.

This is the cabin we stayed at which is right across from the beach.

We had an visitor early one morning that I happened to catch on film while I was taking pictures of the beach. She passed right by the kitchen window where the boys were cooking breakfast. (Did I mention that my friends husband used to be a chef  at the Ritz Carlton?) I didn't have to do any cooking this weekend but we were both on dish duty the whole time. ( A pretty fair trade if you ask me.) 

This is the beach where we watched the girls splash around for many hours. 

Here are the four elk we saw while out driving around the "hunting" area of the ranch.

After climbing to the top the girls were pretty tired and had to sit down to catch their breathe. We had hoped it would wear them out for a couple of hours but they were back to chatting and singing within a half an hour. 

Yep I hauled my ass all the way up there. AND .... yes I had to sit down too. (SHEW!)

The best part was what happened on the way back from the sand hill. On the side of the road were 5 deer that came right up to the car. If we had any food I bet they would have eaten right out of our hands. 

You can see the bottom edge of the window on this shot. 

This was shot right out my window and is not "zoomed" in at all. 

Later that day Jeanne took the girls out in a rowboat. They managed to get back without going around in circles too many times. I sat on the dock with my feet in the water and documented the whole experiment.
Come on girls....PUUULLLLLL!

I told you I was REALLY white!


thekathrynwheel said...

Looks like you had a blast. What a great looking place. (It's healthy to stay white - tanning is BAAAAD!)Kate :-)

Melissa Haren said...

Jealousy oozing out over here!