Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working With Metallic Powders

Here's a video on how to work with metallic mica powders. Hope you like it and learn lots of good stuff to get you inspired to create something wonderful. Here is a link to the site that sells Moon Shadow Mists that I reference in the video. There is lots of great metallic stuff to be had on this site so be sure and check it out. (Be prepared to spend lots of money.)

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terry said...

first time I've been to your blog...REAT tutorial! Thanks for the time you put into it and all the info. Wondering if you use Pearl-Ex in your mister will the shine rub off somewhat from the project you spray it on since it doesn't have a binder in it? Also,
I love that stmp U used in the 1st of the vid. Who makes it, please. THNX!~Terry Y.