Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What In My Drawers? (It Must Be Wednesday)

Click on the pictures to see a larger view
Here is my "sewing closet" which is where all of my sewing stuff ended up. Believe it or not the whole workshop used to be dedicated to sewing because I used to make clothing for a couple of local boutiques. In case you're wondering those scissors are real and they really work. I got them on a trip to the Fiskars headquarters one weekend. (They sell them to companies for ribbon cutting ceremonies.)
Well here is all the sewing stuff neatly labeled you can see what is where. Some day I will take photos of the inside of the drawers for you to see.
Here is the thread rack that is hanging on the door. It is all of my specialty thread that is used for embroidery and top stitching.

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sethu said...


what a repository you have made!
i always thought that my blog is very good....!

what an effort you are giving.....!

thank you......