Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Venetian Mask Decorated

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Well I have decorated 2 of the polymer clay masks I have made. You may get more of a sense of how small they really are now. The card that backs both of them is a standard ATC size which is 2.5" x 3.5".

Each backing is done using metallic powders rubber over an image stamped with a Versamark Pad. (I show how to do this in the video tutorial on how to use metallic powders.) I also did the same technique to color the german scrap around the edge on this one. (The other I left black.) The masks themselves are made from black polymer clay that I rolled through a pasta machine. Once I got a flat sheet I then placed down a pattern that I designed and cut around it. To get the raised design I took a rubberstamp dusted with baby powder and pushed it down into the clay. I then rubbed the metallic powders by Pearl Ex over the top of each mask using my finger dipped in the powder. (I also cover that in the video tutorial.) To give the masks their shape I baked them on a form that I made out of foil. I simply balled up an oval shape with a flat back then pushed in 2 impressions for the eyes. I also crumpled up a smaller piece and shaped a nose to slide under the center.

Below are the details on how I did each one.
 To give the feathers the wispy look you can buy ones like that but if you already have some feathers it is really easy to do. Just pull out all the little feather "quills" all down each side leaving some on the top. Even though the center part that is left is very thin it's still surprisingly sturdy. The side feathers I bought that way and glued on with a low melt glue gun. The eyelashes with the crystals over each eye were made by taking very small crimp beads and crimping them on the very end of jewelry wire then sliding on the crystal and adding another crimp bead. I then took a "florists" pin and made holes through the polymer clay to insert all of the wires. (I glued each wire with "Krazy" glue.) The gold pieces on the mask are german scrap that I cut apart and glued on. The rhinestones on the eyes are colored with alcohol ink. To finish it off I hung the chain and crystal dangles from holes I drilled in each side.

The center piece of the feathers are "quills" stripped from a peacock feather and glued in a bunch. The black rhinestones are self adhesive ones I bought on-line and cut apart. To glue the beads around the eyes I took a piece of thread and strung a bunch of beads and then laid them in a line of glue as I went around each eye hole. Once the glue dried I tied the thread and cut it off. That way if a bead comes off it is still attached by the thread. Plus it is easier to keep all the bead holes hidden by doing it that way. The dangles I made myself from earring parts I had.

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beautiful masks.