Saturday, May 16, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

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I have a little secret that most of you are probably unaware of. My husband and I and HUGE Star Trek fans. In fact today is our 17th wedding anniversary and this is a picture of what we were doing immediately after we got married. My Maid of Honor (Anne) heard there was a Star Trek convention in town at the "Palace" . We had a couple of hours to kill before the reception so my mom gave us a bunch of money and the whole wedding party piled into cars and off we went to the convention. When we got there the parking attendants let us park in VIP parking because the cars were all decorated for the wedding. In we all walked and soon we discovered that Nimoy and Shatner were there in person. The floor of the stadium was divided into 2 sections. One had all the memorabilia and the other they had a stage set up where Nimoy and Shatner were currently telling stories. We didn't have tickets to get in to hear them speak but as we were almost turning away to leave a news reporter spotted us and made a beeline to get our story. (The story was front page the next day.) The security guard then let us in and even let us sit in one of the box suites. After a few minutes we asked the guard if we could possibly get pictures with the 2 stars and she said that if we stood down by the side of the stage at 5:05 we might be able to get them in the background of our shot. 5:00 came around and as we made our way down Shatner spotted me in my glowing white dress and called us up in front of the stage. He graciously asked if we wanted a photo with them and as we turned around to get our picture snapped by my Maid of Honor and the entire audience took flash pictures of us. After the picture Shatner asked if we had just gotten married and why we were there. I being momentarily dazzled by all the flash bulbs replied... "Because we had nothing else to do before the reception". His reply.... "Get a Life!"

In case your wondering what all this has to do with crafts... I made my dress and did all the beading by hand.


Taluula said...

What a great story. Wonderful.

Juliet A said...

That is the best Star Trek fan story I have heard in my whole life.


Elena said...

This is why I love you so much!!!! You are just way too cool for words!
This is the kind of crazy thing I would do and I just knew that if I did you would totally "get" me!!!

Carol (honeywine) said...

Great photo I just love it .... and thanks for your images too - they are wonderful

Jana said...

Okay. You had me with your awesome images. Then you added the works of art you create AND posted about your incredible trip to the Keys. BUT this cements that you are WAY COOL. In my mind anyway. For whatever that's worth. VERY COOL.