Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Dream in Hot Pink and Lime Green

Click on the picture to see a larger view

This is the cover for another circle journal group I am in called "I Dream in Colors". It is based on the book put out by Somerset Studios called "True Colors". (I highly recommend getting it.) Essentially it is the same as the other circle journal except all the participating artists choose 2 to 4 colors to use for the whole journal. That means that every artist that receives it must use those colors to do their artwork on each journal. Mine is obviously lime green and hot pink which are 2 of my favorite colors. (Purple being my all time favorite.) My choices are a lot different then most of the others in that they are very bright colors. I guess that means I like to by loud and stand out in a crowd. The hot pink tickets you see below were something I found at a floral supply place and I will include one for every artist to put their info on. Then I will attach them on a page somehow as a sort of sign in page for all the players.


Melange said...

Love it. It is so happy and makes me smile just looking at it. Can't wait to work on a page. It screams Hello I am hear. As usual you raise the bar with every piece of art you create.

Linda from Vegas said...

Wow! I just discovered your blog today and had so much fun going thru the archives. I also love vintage images and downloaded a few. thanks so much for sharing your talent. You are inspiring me to new heights!