Friday, May 22, 2009

Bitsy Bottles

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

These are 2 bottles I decorated for a swap on my Yahoo list hosted by Maggie Lind. She found these adorable little bottles on the American Science & Surplus site. (this place has all kinds of unusual stuff so be sure and look around while you are there.) Anyways here are the details on the bottles.

1. First of all these bottles are only 3 1/2" tall so they are smaller then they look.

2. I colored both bottles using alcohol ink. (orange and pink, aqua and lime green.)

3. I traced the outside of the bottle to get a pattern of the bottle and then traced it onto a piece of acetate. I then cut off about 1/8" around the whole shape so I could roll it up and insert it in the bottle. (I stamped it with a swirl pattern stamp in white Staz-On ink.) When the acetate is rolled up and inserted it pops back open in the bottle and looks like it is suspended inside. (You can see the swirl pattern on the orange/pink bottle.) I then dumped an assortment of beads in each bottle in matching colors.

4. To get the decoration on the pink and orange stopper I took tigertail and put a crimp bead on then 3 to 4 colored beads and then another crimp bead. (This keeps the beads at the end of the wire.) Then I just stuck holes in the cork and glued the wires in.

5. The beaded collar is done by stringing the right number of beads to go around on a strong beading thread. I then tie a knot and hide the threads. (The ring of beads is sitting in a ring of glue to keep them attached.)

6. I wrapped a hot pink piece of wire around the neck and coiled each end and bent them up. A few beads is hanging on each swirl. I then tied fiber over the wire and trimmed it off.

7. The beaded collar on the glue-green bottle is done by coiling the end of an aqua colored piece of wire. I then hung many beaded eye pins between bead on the wire and then slipped the end through the coil I made and twisted it shut.

8. The stopper is made from white polymer clay and then painted with metallic acrylic paint and sealed with varnish.

9. The finishing touch on the blue/green bottle was to glue a ribbon around the bottom of the bottle.


lilibulle said...

ho valérie!! these botles are fantastic!!! gorgeous colors!!!

Taluula said...

Valerie your bottles are amazing. Bravo.