Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Panda For Amanda

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

A while ago I was sent 2 puzzle pieces to alter for Amanda and I just unburied them on the table behind my desk a few days ago. (Sorry Amanda!!!) Anyways one is supposed to be an asian theme and the other is to be done in purple and green. On the asian puzzle piece I Mod Podged the background with various asian calligraphy and josh papers. The flowers are some punches that are either cherry or plum blossoms (I can't remember which.) The face is made from polymer clay and surrounded with seed beads. The chinese knot I got in a trade from someone for some of my art supplies that I wanted to get rid of. The small "kanji" I actually had made for myself from a company online called Good Characters. (That is the red square under the face.) You answer some questions about what you like to do and they create a name (or kanji) stamp that is unique to you. Even someone else named Valerie will not be the same because of their birthday and the things they like. The kanji is pronounced (wei le li) or way lay lee. (There is no "V" sound in Chinese.)

Wei is a character used in female names because it has a very pleasant and soft sound in Chinese. It can also refer to a fern, and as such is associated with nature, gardening and plants.

Le means joy and happiness. When pronounced as "yue" it means music. It is also associated with optimism and confindence.

Li is white jasmine.

This is a name that touches peoples many senses and has good visual associations. (wei and le) relate to what I love-visual art and gardening.

Yeah pretty cool huh? I thought so...but be warned they are not cheap to get. Mine was $50.00 but I LOVE asian stuff and I just thought it was too cool to have my own name stamp in Chinese.


dolls like us said...

I love to work with clay I have poured slip at a local park and I have made a dog and a lion with regular clay. I have tried polmer clay but for some reason I am not very good at it .

Iowa Sunshine said...

I love these! I've always wanted a puzzle piece alice in wonderland to wear as a pin. I especially love the purple one you did. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I'll miss you in group. HUGS, Judy

paperpapier said...

I came here after stumbling upon some blogs. Love your take on asian theme. Interesting to read about your Chinese name. Yes, your Chinese name does sound meaningful and I agreed with the name-maker..the characters and the total numbers of strokes in them denote good luck to the person. I thought Kanji is Japanese characters, not Chinese.