Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

I made it out alive with no real injuries. The only one I actually received was from last night on the way to the restaurant when I caught my heel on my pant leg and fell on the concrete sidewalk. I skinned my left knee and severely bruised both palms. (My wrists are really sore too.) The dinner was because my husband felt bad that he couldn't help more with the kids. (Bless his heart!) It was wonderful to have a nice dinner with a good bottle of wine. (AHHHH!)


Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmmmmm....Sounds just like something that would happen to me......only I went head first into a cement wall a the movie theatre....needless I was seeing stars!!! LOL, So glad you are ok and you had such a nice dinner!!
Happy Easte!!

lilibulle said...

ho poor valerie!! i hope you are fine now!! xoxoxo