Monday, April 6, 2009

Bloomin' Bright

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These cards are for a swap on my Yahoo list called "Raid Your Fabric Stash". I usually do a card for everyone that plays (and don't keep any) but this time the quality of cards that came in were so good that I had to keep some for my own.

Here are the details of how I did these. I started with a sheet of heavy buckrum. (The woven stuff they used to make those huge hoop skirts out of. ) Then I layered a sheet of felt to give it some cushion. After that I just cut up random pieces of fabric and made sure I covered all of the white felt. Once I was done with that I dropped on left over pieces of ribbon, fiber, thread, shredded cellophane, and chunky glitter. Then I placed a piece of lime green glittered netting over the entire piece and pinned it so nothing would move. I zig zag stitched around the perimeter so the glitter would stay in. Then I stitched in a grid pattern about 1 1/2" apart using the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I took another piece of lime green fabric and fused it to the back with fusible webbing. I then took the sheet and cut it up to ATC sized cards and satin stitched the edges, added the glitter flower, and the "bloom" beads on a wire.

I like that the finished cards are very flexible and still feel like fabric, but they are also stiff enough to be ATC cards. I highly recommend trying this technique if you can. It was so fun to just shred and clip and dump sparkly, shiny, bling all over the fabric and then stitch it in with the netting.

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babbler said...

I love the bloom beads! Very nice blog you have here, inventive and fun! Love from Mrs. Slug in Oregon