Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's The Day After Wednesday (What's In My Drawers?)

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Thankfully most of the stuff has survived the three blunders with the wet/dry vac. (Although the embossing powder drawer got a good dunking from my husband.) Anyways I love to heat emboss most of the time when I do any kind of stamping and I have to be sure I have just the right color for the job. I have even mixed my own using mica metallic powders or alcohol inks. I also like micro beads to fill in any bare spots or just add some color to a piece of art. Again I have to make sure I have every available color made. I have made my own colors using alcohol ink again. (Anyone seeing a pattern here?)

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Janet C said...

Oh! I love to peek in other people's craft drawers, bins and closets! Show us more!

And thanks for the clipart!

Janet C