Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emergency Flood Kit

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

I received this kit today in the mail from Debbie Warrick as an RAK. (Random Act of Kindness.) I laughed so hard when I opened it that I almost peed my pants. I just had to share it with everyone since you all have had to hear about my woah's of hardship from my flooded basement. (The basement is very dry now.) All I have to do is finish pulling up all the rotting original linoleum tiles which are underneath the peel and stick tiles from the 70's. (Boy these people had bad taste.)

Oh and the box is empty already. I promise to keep it on my desk at all times in case of other emergencies.

1 comment:

Linda Dunn said...

I can see that Debbie has your best interests at heart with this emergency flood kit.

I swear every gal needs one just like this. Debbie is a saint.

Thank you for sharing your RAK with us.