Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Always An Artist

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An online friend of mine asked me one day if I wanted to be a part of a circle journal. I had never heard of one but once she explained it I was really excited to be a part of it. There are 14 other artists that are participating and we each make the covers and a bio page about ourselves for our own book. (These measure 6" x 6".) Once we have that done we mail them off to the next person and we receive a journal from someone else. Each time we receive a new journal we do a double page spread about ourselves. This will take 14 months since there are that many participating and we each have a month to finish the 2 page spread. Once it's done we will receive all the pages back and we can put them all in our book. (The covers will not be traveling with the pages so that we can keep the cost of postage down but a color copy will be included.)

On mine you'll notice there is a tube that is attached to the side of the book with leather straps. This was a do it yourself kaleidoscope kit that I received for Christmas from Rob's sister. I rediscovered it on the dining room table recently and decided to use it for this project. When each artist receives my book they will be asked to include a small trinket or bauble of a shiny or sparkly nature that I will place inside the kaleidoscope. I got the idea to use the kit because we belong to a private group on Yahoo where we can discuss the books and ask questions, called "Through The Eyes Of An Artist".

Here are some more details of the front cover.

"A" - a chipboard letter that has been rusted with my favorite paint from Sophisticated Finishes.
"R" - Old scrabble letter from a game I bought at a garage sale.
"T"- The leg is a piece of wood painted black and has rhinestones glued on it. The crossbar is an old sewing machine bobbin.
"I" - A number from a Tim Holtz set.
"S" - Some black wire with beads on it.
"T" - A copper letter disc from an alphabet I have.

I created the torn piece of paper at the top with a punch I have that will make that torn edge. It is wrinkled and then distressed with Tim Holtz ink. The "always" is a piece of brass sheeting that I stamped the letters into with a metal die punch set. The scroll on the bottom is a piece of "grungeboard" from Tim Holtz. It is painted copper and then patinaed with the Sophisticated Finishes paint. I made the leather straps myself and finished the inside by gluing on a piece of grossgrain ribbon. I can't remember where I got the miniature suitcase clasps from. (I have had them for years just waiting for the right project.) I actually broke the bar on one of them and had to solder it myself.

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Pattie said...

Beautiful lovely Art work congratulations !