Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh! That Fabulous Fabric

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This card if for a fabric cards swap on ATC World. I have been a sewer since I was 14 and I used to have dressers and closets just stuffed with fabric. In fact that crazy workshop that you all drool over used to be my sewing room. Yep it was used for nothing but sewing. (Believe it or not!) Anyways as scrapbooking and then finally ATC's took over my work area the sewing stuff went away. It is now confined to a closet in the back. (The one with the huge orange pair of scissors on it.) I got rid of all the fabric and the dressers that they were in until all I had was one small drawer left. BOY AM I KICKING MYSELF NOW! I wish I had it all back to use on my ATC's. I actually had to go out and buy new fabric for this swap. (OH the shame of it all.)

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Mary's Madness said...

Got rid of it! That is against the law! Every time I get rid of something within a week I regret it. Love your work!