Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Texture Paste Tutorial

I finally got around to making the next tutorial. I was so wiped out from working on those steam punk items that I got behind. I think I may have to extend the date for the monthly techniques swap. Anyways this one is on using texture paste and I think it has some good stuff in it. (Be prepared though because it runs for 34 minutes.) Hope you learn something from it.

Since the video tutorial is so small it is hard to see the detail of these cards. For that reason I have included this slide show so you can get a better look at the texture close-up. (The cards appear in the same order as they appear in the video.)


Anonymous said...

they all look wonderful Val
Beautiful work

June said...

Thanks so much for taking time to make this video and the wonderful myriad of texture ideas
Hugs June xxx
Ps, added to follow

Elena said...

I loved your tutorial Val! I really learn alot from them - more so than that "professional" ones I pay for !! Thank you for taking the time to share your talent with us! Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - thank you so much for this. You make it look so easy - I can't wait to try these techniques. I can now attempt this swap!!

Laura D. ATC World

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. You make it look so easy. I can hardly wait to try some of these techniques. I feel I can now attempt this for the swap.
Laura D. ATC World

Anonymous said...

That was so amazing and something I had never thought of doing! Loved the amount of detail in the video.

Lady Di said...

Valeria, your texture tutorial is fantastic. I had a go at texture paste before I saw your video and had a disaster sticking my foam stamps into the wet paste - but now I know you've got to wait until it's touch dry!! Thanks so much ... made my life much easier.