Monday, January 5, 2009

Last 2 Valentines Ornaments

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

SHEW!!! I finally finished the other 2 valentines ornaments and my hands are killing me. (They look like crabby claws all gnarled and crooked. LOL!!!) I want to thank Sammye for sending me the very cool metal leaves that I used on the perimeter of one of the hearts. It drove me nuts when I tried to stitch it down because the thread caught on the leaves every time I tried to pull it through the fabric. (UGH!!!) It was worth the fuss though because I love the way it turned out.


Iowa Sunshine said...

Those are just gorgeous! I love them. Are the words buttons? Those leaves are neat. I just love them all!! HUGS

Pearl said...

Very beautiful, I like your work