Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Well I have been busy again. I went downstairs and turned the ceramic heater on full blast and went to work again. Anyways this art doll is for the theme "yellow". So other then the color you can pretty much do what you want. So I collaged and piled stuff on until I really couldn't fit on anymore stuff without covering something else up.

Particulars of this doll in case your wondering are as follows.

Wings - Stamped with Staz-On ink on packing plastic and then the back is colored with alcohol inks (Butterscotch, Carmel and Gold.)
Face - Made with polymer clay then painted with Polished Pigments by Luminarte. (The satin roses are also painted with Polished Pigments.)
Left Hand- Covered with a "Gold Mica Paste" that I have used for the first time and is made by Golden.
Hair - Strips of "ribbon yarn" are cut and glued to the back of the head.
Right Leg - The flower on the knee cap is made from glue on "studs" that I bought at Michael's.
Skirt - Petals punched out of yellow vellum and glued to form a skirt.
Body - Some of the paper was not yellow when I started so to unify the color I watered down some ochre acrylic paint and washed the entire doll. (I quickly dabbed it with a paper towel to keep it light in color.)


crafty creations said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Shelly said...

Stunning piece. Love the headdress and the papers you chose.
Your work is always flawless.
Will have to stop by more often.

ionesartstudio said...

This is so lovely. Great job.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

What a beautiful doll! Her name is perfect... just looking at her is like looking at a ray of sunshine!

Elena said...

Your dolls always leave me speechless!! I still have not gotten the nerve to make my first one and every time I see one of yours I think "there's no way I could EVER do that!!"!!!! Not good for my "just jump in and do it" theory!

Carol Desjarlais said...

Valerie, I am absolutely in lvoe with your dolls. They are simply gorgeous. I have been watching and admiring from the sidelines. I am not just aesthetically drawn, I am soulfully drawn to them. They truly speak to my spirit. This one is simply breath-taking.
Now and again I am putting up your site as resource for friends that are doing some challenges along with me. You are a great teacher in this paper-world some of us are fairly new too. And you are a thorough gentle kind of teacher.