Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dragonfly Engine

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

The last Enchanted Object is done! WHEW! This one was inspired by my love of dragonflies. I thought wouldn't it be cool to have a little back pack to wear that powers a set of wings. Here are the details on this one.

The power cell at the top is actually the ink tube from a gel pen that I pulled apart. It had dried up long ago but I never knew it because it got shoved to the back of the drawer. Once I cut it down I glued the gold rings on each end but that still left the ends open. I found that my white stick eraser was the perfect size so I cut off 2 plugs and glued them in each end. (The tube is filled with green micro beads to give it color.)

The wings are printed on acetate from a set of patterns I designed and then colored with alcohol ink. They are attached to earring chandelier pieces with mini brads and actually move up and down.

The holographic looking ring is made by gluing a piece of clear packaging plastic to a brass ring and then filling it with Diamond Glaze. (The holograph is simply a piece of "crocodile" embossed clear iridescent ribbon.)

The bottom piece that is sitting under the orange crystal is a plastic mirror clip that I cut in half and painted to match the other pieces.

The main body of the back pack is on a piece of watercolor paper but the raised part is small pieces of craft wood that I cut up and assembled. I then painted it gold and used a black wash to make it look like aged brass.

That may be all for a few days. Tomorrow I plan on NOT doing anything creative. My brain has been spent on these 4 cards and I need to clean or do something a little more physical.

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